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( Physicist, Bestselling author, Celebrated Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist )


Dr. Mani Lal Bhaumik is a physicist, internationally bestselling author, celebrated lecturer, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. His early contributions to laser technology are exemplified in the development of the excimer laser at the Northrop Corporation Research and Technology Center in Los Angeles . As the leader of the team, Dr. Bhaumik announced the successful demonstration of the world's first efficient excimer laser at the Denver , Colorado meeting of the Optical Society of America in May 1973. Subsequently, it found extensive use as the type of laser that made possible the immensely popular Lasik eye surgery, eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses in many cases requiring vision correction. In recognition of his pioneering research in high energy lasers and new laser systems, he was elected by his peers as a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers as well as of the American Physical Society.   Dr. Bhaumik's current interest is in sharing with the public the astounding advances in quantum physics and cosmology and their implications for our lives, work, technology, and spiritual development. This he endeavors to do through books, articles, lectures, and TV programs. He is also keenly interested in research on the origin and the nature of consciousness and how that knowledge can be utilized in improving the quality of our existence.

With President Bill Clinton
With President Bill Clinton, IMDb


Dr. Mani Lal Bhaumik was born in a small village in Siuri, Medinipore, West Bengal, India, and thrust into the vortex of the struggle for Indian independence . Education provided him a way out of the crushing cycle of poverty. He walked four miles barefoot to the nearest school, enduring famine, flood, and armed threat. As an impressionable teenage, he and his family had the opportunity to live and labor with Mahatma Gandhi in his camp, and to absorb lessons about “faith in action” that would return to him later. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the renowned Scottish Church College and an M. Sc. from the University of Calcutta . Life, however, remained a great struggle until his passion for science began to win him honors and mentors like Satyendra Nath Bose at IIT (co-creator of the Bose-Einstein Statistics) who encouraged his prodigious curiosity. Bhaumik earned a Ph.D in Physics from IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology ). His thesis was on Resonant Electronic Energy Transfers, a subject he would have cause to use in his work with lasers.

With President Ronald Regan IMDb
With President Ronald Regan, IMDb

Professional career

Receiving a Sloan Foundation Fellowship in 1959, Dr. Bhaumik came to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for post doctoral studies. In 1961, he joined the Quantum Electronics Division at Xerox Electro-Optical Systems in Pasadena and began his career as a laser scientist. Concurrently, he taught Quantum physics and Astronomy at the California State University at Long Beach. In 1968, he was enlisted by the Northrop Corporate Research Laboratory, where he rose to become the director of the Laser Technology Laboratory and led a team that made contributions in research on excimer laser technology. One of the papers on this research was presented at the Denver, Colorado meeting of the Optical Society of America in May 1973. At this meeting, Dr. Bhaumik presented substantial evidence to demonstrate for the first time that an excimer laser could be efficient and powerful enough for practical utilization. The application of excimer lasers in Lasik eye surgery has resulted in vision correction in many cases. His significant contributions to the development of new and high power lasers merited his election by his peers to be a fellow of both the American Physical Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

President confers Pravasi Bharatiya Divas awards
President confers Pravasi Bharatiya Divas awards.

Dr. Bhaumik's current interest is in sharing with the public the astounding advances in quantum physics and cosmology and their implications for our lives, work, technology, and spiritual development. This he endeavors to do through books such as the internationally published Code Name God and The Cosmic Detective, articles, lectures, and TV programs like the award-winning Cosmic Quantum Ray. He is also keenly interested in research on the origin and the nature of consciousness and how that knowledge can be utilised in improving the quality of our existence.

With Co-Executive Producer Tatiana Chekhova of Cosmic Quantum Ray, holding Pulcinella Award for The Best Animated TV Series 2009.
With Co-Executive Producer Tatiana Chekhova of Cosmic Quantum Ray, holding Pulcinella Award for The Best Animated TV Series 2009.

Dr. Bhaumik has published over fifty papers in various professional journals and is a holder of a dozen laser-related U.S. patents. His latest paper, Unified Field—the Universal Blueprint? appeared in the February 2000 issue of the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. He has been invited to lecture all over the world, at forums including: Summer School on High-Power Gas Lasers, Capri, Italy 1975; International Symposium on Gas-Flow and Chemical Lasers, Belgium 1978; International Symposium on Gas Discharge Lasers, Grenoble, France 1979; Asoke Sarkar Memorial Lecture, Calcutta International Book Fair 2001; Institute of Culture, Calcutta, India 2006. He is the official patron of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA).

Books, media, and philanthropic activity  

Dr. Bhaumik arrived in Los Angeles , having just three dollars in his pocket. Utilizing earnings from his scientific career to seed various investments, he was at last able to leave the poverty of his childhood behind. His phenomenal success was chronicled on the syndicated TV serial, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Eventually, when no material attainment seemed beyond him, he discovered that spirituality is an essential ingredient for an abiding happiness and turned his considerable energy to the study of the relationship between advanced science and spirituality.

His intensive search spanned a decade, produced a number of significant papers, and led him to the inference that the One Source at the hub of all spiritual traditions is grounded in scientific reality and not a mere creation of blind faith. He also argues forcefully that contrary to the popular misconception, science and spirituality are indeed two sides of the same coin, the coin being that unique human consciousness that allows us to perceive both ourselves and objective reality. Therefore, he argues in his international bestseller  Code Name God  (Crossroads Publishing), the big divide between science and spirituality can be bridged. The trick, Bhaumik asserts, is to see things in an entirely new light–a light shed upon by the recent revelations of quantum physics and cosmology. 

Ben Kingsley, Shaun Toub & Dr. Mani Bhaumik
Ben Kingsley, Shaun Toub & Dr. Mani Bhaumik

He now devotes much of his time and energy to bringing this message to the public, including its younger members, for whom he has recently published The Cosmic Detective (Penguin 2008), a primer on cosmology, and created an award winning animated television series, Quantum Ray, shown on DISH Network's Animania channel and distributed worldwide.  

Carol Connors and Dr. Mani Bhaumik during Sir Ben Kingsley Presents the Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian Award to Dr. Mani Bhaumik at Regent Beverly Wilshire GETTY IMAGES
Carol Connors and Dr. Mani Bhaumik during Sir Ben Kingsley Presents the Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian Award to Dr. Mani Bhaumik at Regent Beverly Wilshire. GETTY IMAGES

Dr. Bhaumik has instituted an annual International Award through the UCLA Neuropsychiatry Institute to acknowledge the best scientific evidence demonstrating the effect of mind in healing. He has been involved in numerous community activities through his association with the Los Angeles Bombay Sister City Association; the Los Angeles St. Petersburg Sister City association; the Long Beach Calcutta sister City Association and others. He has donated to various charitable organizations including the Thalians of Los Angeles and the Israel Cancer Research Fund. But he is perhaps best known and revered internationally for his creation of the Bhaumik Educational Foundation, based in Calcutta , which provides full scholarships to needy but brilliant students who wish to apply themselves to studies in science and technology.

Divine views

Code Name: God - First published in the U.S. in 2005, Code Name God (Crossroads Publishing ISBN 0-8245-2519-1 ) is a distillation of Dr. Bhaumik's central thesis that the discoveries of modern physics can be reconciled with the great truths of the world religions when those truths are viewed as elements of what Aldous Huxley called "The Perennial Philosophy." In particular, Dr. Bhaumik finds strong support in advanced physics and cosmology for the Neo-Platonic notion of "the One" (identified here as "The Source"), and conjectures that this existential source may reside in what is known as the quantum vacuum state and be in some manner co-eternal and co-equal with human consciousness. The book and its premise have been praised by luminaries of both the literary and scientific words, including Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who wrote, "This example of a personal spiritual growth...and re-evaluation of material values...arouses very warm feelings. God is one and there are no major differences between religions." Fritjof Capra, author of The Tao of Physics, wrote "...the attempt to find common ground between Eastern spirituality and Western science is eloquently told and makes for fascinating reading."

Code Name: God - Dr Mani Lal Bhaumik

Code Name God is both an autobiography, chronicling significant events in its author's life in tandem with the revelations that accompanied them, and a contemplation on the astounding implications of quantum physics. In the author's words, "the surprising discovery of quantum physics that the primary source of everything in the universe is present in each minutest stitch of the fabric of space of this immensely vast cosmos empowers us to ponder the One Source of all creation. It is not merely a blind faith anymore. This ought to enable us to feel ourselves as an inextricable part of the One Source, which would significantly improve the quality of our lives." The book, which has enjoyed considerable success in Bhaumik's native India, has also drawn plaudits from recognized European scientists such as Professor Walter Thirring, the former director and head of the theory division at CERN, Geneva, who asserts in the foreword to its German edition, "Dr. Bhaumik's portrayal of a higher power embedded in the fabric of the universe and responsible for its continuing existence and operation is consistent with his reliance on the highly technical and mathematical intricacies of the Quantum Field Theory, an area of study to which I had the opportunity of making some significant contributions." Thirring and Bhaumik are among a still relatively small group of "hard scientists" who have openly acknowledged the spiritual implications of quantum physics and cosmology.


The Cosmic Detective - Published in 2009 by Penguin (ISBN 9780143330691), The Cosmic Detective is a primer on modern cosmology for the general but scientifically inclined reader. It was selected as an official book by the secretariat of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) declared by the UN General Assembly. The slogan of IYA2009 was “THE UNIVERSE -YOURS TO DISCOVER,” an exhortation for us to reevaluate our place in it in light of the revolutionary discoveries of modern cosmology. The presentation of the discoveries of modern cosmology in this book has been praised by experts as well as others interested in the field. Dr. Catherine Cesarsky, President of the International Astronomical Union states,”The Cosmic Detective is an inspirational read. Dr. Bhaumik tackles topics with impressive scope, yet delves into them with spirit rarely seen. Marrying scientifically accurate text with accessible language is no easy task, but The Cosmic Detective is a proof that it can be done.” Dr. Walter Thirring, the former head of the theory division at CERN, Geneva, has said, ”The Cosmic Detective reveals another of Mani Bhaumik's talents: he is an outstanding science writer to complement his demonstrated scientific insight. He has the unique ability to distill from the voluminous material the essential concepts for the general public.” Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, in his foreword to the book, writes, “Mani Bhaumik builds on recent developments in science to bring us new pictures, larger views and insights about the magnificence of our universe.” The book has been published in seven different languages throughout the world.

 The Cosmic Detective - Dr Mani Lal Bhaumik

Bengali Books

  • Bishwa Jeebani: Biography of the Universe ( ISBN 81-7756-660-1 ): Ananda Publishers, Kolkata, 2007
  • Bijñane Ishwarer Sanket ( ISBN 81-7756-924-4 , ISBN 978-81-7756-924-7 ): Translation of Codename God, released in 2010
  • Brahma Satya Jagat Satya : Upanishad-Bijñan-Rabindranath ( ISBN 978-93-5040-131-6 ): Ananda Publishers, Kolkata, 2012

The title of the book means " Brahman and the Universe - Both are true", which runs counter to the ninth century edict of the Hindu spiritual leader Sa?karacharya in his famous poem, Vivekachudamani  Slokardhena pravakshyami jadukta? granthako?ibhi? Brahma satya jaganmithya jiva? brahmaiva napara?  (I'll tell in one line what is told in millions of books: Brahman is true and the universe is false; creatures are but manifestations of Brahman ) This book topped the bestseller list of the Anandabazar Patrika in the non-fiction category.

  • Ami Naren: Bideshe Vivekananda ( ISBN 978-81-8374-188-0 ): Patra Bharati Pablisher, Kolkata, February, 2013

On the bestseller list of the Anandabazar Patrika , February 15 2013

  • Hello Einstein: Chena Nam Achena Galpa ( ISBN 978-93-5040-380-8 ): Ananda Pablisher, Kolkata 2014

On the bestselle list of the Anandabazar Patrika, March 15 2014

Honors and awards

  • Sloan Foundation Fellow, 1959
  • Elected fellow of the American Physical Society for Advancement of Physics, 1976 
  • Elected fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers for development of high power lasers and new laser systems, 1982
  • Elected to the prestigious Cosmos Club, Washington , D.C.
  • Elected Member of the scientific honor society, Sigma Xi, Los Angeles
  • Received Honorary D.Sc degree for Lifetime Academic Achievements from Indian Institute of Technology, 1995 
  • Received Lifetime Achievement Award, North America Bengali association, Los Angeles , 2003 
  • Honored by the Cultural Association of Bengal for Philanthropic Services to community, New York , 2005
  • Received Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian Award from Indian American Heritage Foundation presented by Sir Ben Kingsley, Beverly Hills , 2005
  • Received Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science and Philanthropic Contribution from Asian Heritage Committee, New York , 2006
  • Elected fellow of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta , India , 2006
  • Listed in Who's Who in America and in Who's who in the World
  • Listed in the American Men and Women in Science
  • Received Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award, one of the most prestigious civilian awards given by the Government of India to honor an exceptionally successful and meritorious Indian residing abroad for his extraordinary contribution, 2010.
  • Received the prestigious Padma Shri Award 2011 from Government of India for distinguished service in science and engineering.
  • Received Chaudhuri Award for extraordinary achievements in science by California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, May 4, 2013.

Selected appearances on radio and television

  • Voice of America , May 25, 2005
  • PBS Syndicated TV program “Between The Lines” , June 17
  • Syndicated Cable Program “Bridging Heaven and Earth” Sept 15
  • Jim Engster Show, New Orleans , Louisiana May 13
  • “Wake up America ”, Palm Springs, California May 14
  • Joey English Show, Palm Springs , California May 19
  • “Journey Home”, KSFR, Santa Fe , New Mexico July 11& 19
  • “The Aware Show”, KPFK, Los Angeles November 10
  • Durdarshan Indian National TV, 2005,2006,2007
  • Reach MD XM 157, 2007.

Philanthropic endeavors

  • President, Cosmogenics,Inc., an educational foundation based in Los Angeles , which donates seed money to educational projects.
  • Founding Director, Friends of Kolkata Museum of Arts, Inc., Los Angeles , set up for raising funds to support the museum in Calcutta .
  • Founder of the annual Bhaumik International Award at UCLA for the best scientific evidence demonstrating effect of mind on healing.
  • Managing Trustee, Moni Bhaumik Educational foundation in Calcutta , India . The Foundation provides full financial support for university education of over one hundred highly meritorious but extremely underprivileged students from rural Bengal . It is now in the process of building an IT oriented University there for providing a world class graduate and post-graduate education.

Due to his extraordinary achievements Dr. Bhaumik is revered in his native West Bengal , where a book length biography,   Mani the Jewel  , has been a consistent bestseller

Cosmic Quantum Ray

“Cosmic Quantum Ray” is a comedy-action-adventure series that brings the strange, dark, freaky corners of the universe to the world of Earth teenager Robbie Shipton a member of Team Quantum - an elite, eccentric team of intergalactic heroes that saves the Universe almost every day, and hopefully in time for Robbie to get to his third-period Science class!

Featuring the latest advances in CGI animation, Cosmic Quantum Ray brings the strange and freaky corners of the universe to the world of Earth teenager, Robbie Shipton. Although he seems like a “normal” teen to friends and family, Robbie secretly leads a double life as Earth's representative to Team Quantum – an elite, eccentric team of intergalactic heroes that saves the Universe almost daily. Cosmic Quantum Ray also helps to make quantum physics more engaging for kids with a 60-90 second “Science Fact-tion” segment at the end of each episode, where our heroes explain the actual quantum physics depicted in the episode.

For more info visit -

Click here to view CQR Kika Website (in German)

Cosmic Quantum Ray Video Clips


EFFICIENT HIGH POWER LASERS - When I started working on lasers soon after its invention in 1960, it was considered to be a solution waiting for a problem. The only funding we get for laser research at the time was from the Department of Defense with an emphasis on progress of the high power laser technology. That eventually led to the development of efficient excimer lasers, which have become most useful in the highly popular Lasik eye surgery. My involvement in the development of high power lasers are chronicled in the substantial number of my publications and invited talks all over the world.

ADVANCES IN QUANTUM PHYSICS - In the four centuries of modern science, Newton's laws of motion and their various incarnations reigned supreme for more than two hundred years till the end of the Nineteenth century. In the early years of the twentieth century, physicists were puzzled to observe an inescapable wave associated with any fundamental quantum particle, which did not obey the classical laws of mechanics. The deal with this situation Schrödinger developed the wave mechanics and Heisenberg came up with an equivalent Matrix mechanics, collectively known as quantum mechanics.

With the unprecedented success of quantum mechanics, most physicists, except for a handful of people like Einstein, were too euphoric to pay much attention to the study of a possible reality behind the associated wave and the collapse of a wave function upon measurement. With the eventual necessity of having to use the abstract Hilbert space, any possible reality had to take a back seat. But it did not go away. I started investigating to find some answers to these long standing questions of reality in quantum physics and fortunately found some plausible answers in terms of our current understanding of the structural underpinning of our universe. The results of my investigations are published in two papers in arXiv.

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Professional Journals by Dr. Bhaumik
Popular Articles

Bhaumik International Center for Advanced Research (BICAR)

Alumnus of IIT-KGP, Dr. Mani Lal Bhaumik is a physicist, internationally bestselling author, celebrated lecturer, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Most importantly, he is an inventor who understands the impact of innovation on people's lives. His early contributions to laser technology are exemplified in the development of the excimer laser. As the leader of Northrop Grumman's Research and Technology center, Dr. Bhaumik conducted pioneering research in high energy lasers and new laser systems. He invented the successful and the world's first efficient excimer laser in May 1973. Subsequently, it found extensive use as the type of laser that made possible the immensely popular Lasik eye surgery, eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses in many cases requiring vision correction.

Being both an inventor and a philanthropist, and most importantly being a Kgpian, he seeks to help KGP to become a driving force in creating a culture of innovation in the eastern region of India through establishing leading edge R&D facilities and initiatives. His foundation has a 15 acre land in the heart of Kolkata which he would like to donate to IIT-KGP to create a world class research center to make an impact in the region. Creating such an R&D center of scale and focus requires help from stakeholders like central government, state government, leading researchers, corporations and funding agencies. Dr. Bhaumik, with the help of KGP, is willing to engage stakeholders to make his vision a reality.

Based upon Dr. Kakodkar's report on IITs to next generation of progress, the government of India is positioning older IITs to become research oriented educational institutions. This transformation requires different set of people and resources. Being a pioneering IIT, KGP could take a lead in establishing needed R&D infrastructures within the educational institution framework. Establishing a focused R&D center at a major metropolitan area not only expands KGP's reach but also provides access to international researchers as well as its students to participate.

The proposed R&D center will foster post-graduate research, granting master and PhD degrees in accordance of curricula of IIT-KGP. The research personnel of the center will interact with the faculty and students of IIT-KGP. The R&D center will cultivate global collaboration and exchange programs with the relevant institutions as an integral part of its activities. The R&D center will also promote close collaboration with the industrial sector.

The mission is to create a center of excellence in research for achieving world class, cutting edge, innovation oriented in the most crucial and fruitful topics in science and technology under the auspices of IIT-KGP.

  • To carry out research and development in key emerging areas that lead to impact-making innovations for future generation technologies;

  • To translate latest scientific developments into useable technologies that can bridge the technological divide to significantly improve the quality of life and equally empower large sections of people in India and the world;

  • To create vibrant and creative scientific environment through bright dedicated people, quality infrastructure and enriching collaboration;

  • To share resources and work closely as an extended arm of IIT Kharagpur in the creation of niche technology, dissemination of knowledge and development of next-generation talent.

RESEARCH AREAS: - Salient Principles and Attributes

  • The Research Centre shall work on a set of key thrust areas of national and international relevance to be developed over a period of time in a manner that complements the available strengths of IIT Kharagpur helping bring about a step jump in the quantum of quality research that is possible through mutually enriching interactions. The thrust areas shall be niche and well-defined instead of a being very broad based theme requiring holistic combination of both fundamental as well as applied research to make an initial impact through reasonable resources.

  • Each thrust area will be developed as a niche vertical and will have linkages with the relevant research groups in IIT Kharagpur as well as other verticals in the Centre by setting up the required complementary state-of-the-art research facilities and including a highly competent leader of national / international reputation and dedicated core research staff who may be selected from all over the world. A given thrust area will have a well-defined research roadmap including scientific goals, development initiatives and targeted innovations.

  • Funding for the research will be met from the available interest of the corpus as well as from competitive grants that may be obtained from outside agencies, in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur and maybe partially independently in the long run.

  • The Research Centre shall engage in collaborative initiatives with various institutions, organizations, industries and people at large to meet its mission and goals.

  • The outcome shall be measured through the level of impact making publications, generation of valuable intellectual property, translation of technologies developed and spawning of enterprises.
Initial Thrust Areas

1. Bio-Medical Informatics: This unit shall work on the convergence of biotechnology and medical sciences with computational biology, informatics and virtual reality to open new vistas in next generation medical science that enable discovery of new drugs, low-cost high-quality personalized yet scalable healthcare, advance public health research enabling prevention, early detection and containment of diseases, new age food sciences, new modes of medical science education, etc.

This unit shall identify its niche goals in the medium and long term and may work closely with Departments/ Schools of Medical Science & Technology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Advanced Plant Genetic Engineering, Agriculture & Food Engineering, Material Science Centre, as well as the planned Dr. B. C. Roy Institute of Medical Sciences and Research at IIT Kharagpur.

2. Sustainable Energy-Oriented Technologies: This unit shall devote its efforts in developing new age low-cost sustainable energy covering aspects of (but not limited to) energy (mainly solar) harnessing/ conversion, energy storage (batteries), transmission and low-cost access, each covering aspects of materials, processes, devices, electronics and products. A key goal will be to develop not only intellectual property but also help in ensuring large-scale deployment, especially in rural India.

This unit shall identify its niche goals, sub-groups and may work closely with the Departments / Schools of Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Materials Science Centre, P K Sinha Centre for Bio-Energy as well as the upcoming Energy Science & Engineering Department in IIT Kharagpur.

3. Nanoscience and quantum Physics: Nanoscience as defined by a size of 1 to 100 nanometers is naturally very broad, including fields of science as diverse as surface science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics, microfabrication, etc. The associated research and applications are equally diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, from developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale to direct control of matter on the atomic scale. This definition reflects the fact that quantum mechanical effects are important at this quantum-realm scale. Therefore, a comprehensive, associated study of the relevant quantum physics needs to be an essential part of the program.

Nanoscience and technology represent a fundamental change in the way we interact with the natural world, and is set to deliver major scientific and technological advances. The massive global investment in nanotechnology has effectively created an interdisciplinary environment that bridges the diverse fields of chemistry, physics, materials science, biology and engineering. Our initial focus will be on:

  • modelling of nanomaterials
  • characterisation of nanomaterials
  • supramolecular chemistry of nanomaterials
  • optical, electronic and magnetic properties of nanomaterials
  • Nanotubes and nanorods


The proposed research center will be constructed on 15 acres of land. Every 200 square feet area of BICAR will create 1 job. With the center spanning over an area of 5million square feet complex will produce 25000 high-end jobs. In addition, many ancillary jobs will be promoted thus exceeding the number over 50000 jobs.

This is one of a kind unique facility of international standards in higher education and research benefitting West Bengal and the nation thereof.

Bhaumik Educational Foundation

Few success stories have at once stunning and awe inspiring as that of Dr. Moni Bhaumik. The tale of his journey through life is the stuff of which fairytales are made. Born in poverty and deprivation, Moni is today one of the most eminent and successful physicist of our times.

His father Gunadhar Bhaumik was in the forefront of freedom struggle. He was imprisoned several times; hardly could stay home to support his eldestson. Brought up in this revolutionary environment, Moni showed exceptional intellect and talent.

After completing his schooling, Moni came to study science at Scottish Church College at Calcutta. Thrown into bustling urban metropolis, Moni initially had problems adjusting to the pace of city life. What, however, singled him was his excellent scholarly abilities. Whilst at Science College, he came in contact with the great physicist Professor Satyen Bose. After obtaining his degree in science, Moni joined IIT at Kharagpur as a research scholar and in 1958 earned his Ph.D. in Physics - the first at IIT.

By this time Moni's reputation had begun to spread beyond the shores of India. A paper published in an international science magazine won him accolades leading to an offer of a Slone Fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles, for the post doctoral work. The rich reservoirs of American academia greatly influenced his academic excellence and spurred him to reach greater heights. These were the early years of Laser Techno- logy. Moni was attracted to this emerging field in Physics and was responsible for the discovery of the Eximer Laser technology - a breakthrough leading to use of it in Medicine and many other fields of Science.

Hardship toughens and hardens a man. It has blessed Dr. Moni Bhaumik with humility and fervent desire to give a helping hand to those in impoverished circumstances to better themselves through education so that spark in them does not extinguished but can blossom fully. In pursuance of that Dr.Bhaumik has established a trust called Dr. Moni Bhaumik Educational Foundation in the year 1999. Since then the Foundation has provided financial assistance to many poor students of outstanding merit.

Students who have secured admission in undergraduate courses of Engineering, medicine or Science subjects in any reputed institution might apply for scholarship. Eligibility criteria and mode of application are depicted in the attached pro-forma.


Who Can Apply

  1. Students of undergraduate courses of Engineering, Medicine and Science subjects in any college / university of good standing.
  2. Applicant's family income should not exceed Rs.60,000/- per year.
  3. He / She must obtain 70% marks in Higher Secondary or equivalent examination.
  4. Must be a resident of West Bengal except Kolkata & Howrah city area.
When and Whom to Apply

Last date of receiving application is 30th September of current year.

Mail properly filled application to:

Attn: Mr. G. Mukherjee.
FD 471, Flat No. 5
Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700 106

Click here to download scholarship application.

Important Information

1) Number of scholarships offered to new students is variable.

2) Chances of getting a call for interview by Selection Board depends on the quality and quantity of applications received in current year.

3) Interviews are arranged in the month of November / December each year.

4) Though you are not required to send any document with the application form, the followings are to be produced if you get a call for interview:
  • Recommendation of Head Master / Mistress of the school last attended.
  • Income certificate by competent authority.
  • Marks sheet of H.S. or equivalent.
  • Document of admission in college / university.
5) Please affix appropriate postage stamp in every mail you send.

6) Incomplete applications will be discarded.

7) Always submit facts only . Providing with false information will lead you to be discarded at any stage.

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