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Midnapore Royal Family

Narajol Raj Family

Majnamutha Raj Family --------(Kishor Nagar Raj Family)

Sujamutha (Kajlagarh) Raj --- Family

Chatoa-Baroda's Raj family

Mallikbag & Nandi family

Old Talukdar family

Bagri Raj family/Malla Raja

Kalaikunda/Dharenda Raj ----- family

Birkul Raj family, Mirgoda & -- Kakra Jamindari

Jakpur raj Mahasay family

Jhargram Raj family

Jamboni Raj family & ---------- Dhalbhum Jamindari

Ramgarh & Lalgarh Raj -------- family

Khandarui Raj family & -------- Turka Jamindari

Narayanpur Dandapath & ------Narayangarh raj family

Mahisadal Raj family

Jhatiboni or Sildar Raj

Sabang & moyna Raj family

Kashijora Raj family

Balarampur Raj family

Brahamanbhum Raj family

Patashpur Jamidari & -----------Ponchet's Choudhury family

Malighati's Choudhury family

Nayagram Raj family

Dantan Raj family

Bele Beria's Praharaj family

Banpatna's Sathpati family

Chandrakona Raj family

Gopiballavpur Goswami --------family & Rohini family

Bali Sahi's Bhuia family

Kedarkund Raja

Birat Raja/ Gop Garh

Jada Raj family

Tamluk Raj family
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