wether & soil
riligions & tribes
drought & disaster
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Raghu Nath Mandal

Raghu Nath Maity

Rajani Kanto Ghosh

Rajani Kanto Pradhan

Rajani Kanto Pramanik

Rajani Kanto Bera

Rajani Kanto Maity

Ramani Mohan Maity

Ramnath Parui

Rama Kanto Maity

Rama Nath Maity

Rama Prasad Jana

Ramesh Chandra Kar

Rakhal Chandra Das

Rakhal Chandra Maity

Rakhal Chandra Paira

Rakhal Chandra Bar

Rakhal Chandra Samanta


Reference :
(Biographical dictionery on undivided Medinipur District)
by Sri Manmatha Nath Das

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